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Entry #4

Ryden Life Manga slowly coming to life

2015-10-24 03:46:04 by 11linda

I haven't been very active, but I have been here! Voice acting is still my main hobby, however I've always loved writing and art. I've been going around for the past few years trying to find the best ways to bring my stories to life. I actually suffer with dyslexia which makes things very diffcult for me. Before I knew about voice acting I wanted to be a novelist, but that dream still is far off. Although I write all the time, I haven't found anyone I trust as an editor to proof read the akward structor and mix ups I make while typing. 

Despite this I still want to try to share all of my ideas with the world, and have decided to try to do that through art. Thanks to One of my favorite stories is becoming a reality through is amazing art! We are still in the beginning stages, but I wanted to showcase the first page here to hopefully gain some interest. If you could please follow the facebook page and show your interest it would be very helpful.



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