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Thanks for all the opportunities

2013-08-09 20:11:52 by 11linda

Although most of the series, or shorts that I have either auditioned for or asked to voice in haven't come out yet I just felt like making a post thanking all the amazing creators who have given me the chance to play their characters. There is a lot of amazing talent here on Newgrounds and although I don't consider myself one of them I am happy to be on this site and able to try to be apart of the interesting games, audio and movies that become available on here each and everyday.

I have been voice acting for a few years now (off newgrounds mostly) and most of the projects that I have been cast in have never come out, but the people I see on here are very self motivated and love what they are doing and I will admit that it has really raised my spirits.

Recently I have been trying to get into professional voice acting to hopefully get a little extra income, but I still mostly voice act for fun. I want to try to make a better character demo reel and hopefully get out a commercial and narration demo reel as well. Any tips any other voice actors could give me would be very helpful.

I look forward to possibly working with anyone who reads this in the future if I am not already.


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2013-08-09 21:46:25

Good stuff! I'll keep you in mind for future pieces.

And good luck!


2013-09-13 03:25:31

There's plenty of advice on VA work here if you dig around a but, (Kira Buckland) made a FAQ about VA work in the Audio section of the BBS, but I can't find it!

But try getting some gigs here

11linda responds:

Thanks! I saw the last link you sent me before I just wasn't really sure how to contribute to it, but I will just give it a shot nothing can hurt...


2013-09-16 02:35:16

Please do give it a shot!


2013-10-20 12:27:48

Hey, listened to your demo. Good stuff, definitely real energy in there. The mic quality could be better, but whatever, it's fine enough for the projects you're shooting for. I'm not one to talk on audio quality. Not like you can pull a better mic out of your ass. If you haven't already, make sure to peek over at


Great place to find enough auditions to keep you recording. Forever.

11linda responds:

Lol No but I learned a lot of technecs and new audio software that made my microphone sound better... The issue with my demo reel is almost all of those examples are about 2 years old and I just haven't made a new one yet. So all of those recordings differ from each other and our mixed and edited differently.

I am on vaa but the original section there is iffy for me... a lot of great potential but basically everything I have been cast for has NEVER come out and that just makes it not worth it to try...

The second has almost the exact same projects as vaa give or take a few...


2013-11-22 13:14:42

Some day...
I will...
Finish anything I've worked on. Totally honest.
*Goes back to playing video games*