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2014-02-22 15:30:43 by 11linda

I hate making these kinds of posts, mostly because I realize we all have lives and there is no reason to keep someone waiting, but if this will help one person who may be irritated that I cannot do their lines after only have them 1-2 days than so be it.


First I would like to say my personal laptop had died about a month ago and I have been searching for a good replacement. I don't like jumping out there and just buying something, I like to research and look for the best possible fit for me as I can, after all my laptop is my life. Also obviously price matters I am not a rich person.


I have been recording on my sister's netbook, lost most of my good programs and am back to editing with audacity which is very time consuming, especially when the laptop lags and messes up lines or just complete stops recording all together... So I get frustated and say forget it for a few hours until I am up to redoing lines I had done 4-5 times before.


That out of the way, for most people the weekends, friday, saturday and sunday are the most productive days of the week. Not for me. I work the night shift and closing shift every weekend. 4-1 or 2 in the morning. This really effects me because I cannot record late at night due to where I live and I also am not usually up very early because well... I don't get to sleep until after 3am. The days I am more likely to do lines quickly are Monday through Thursday, so if you contact me needing lines quickly please make sure it is one of those days or you will be waiting until Monday at least.


I have various roles most of which are not on newgrounds and although a lot of the stuff i am in aren't that great I try to do all lines equally and in order in which I get them. The only exeption is the paid roles I get once in a blue moon.


I do lines weekly and once I get a new laptop I will be faster, but right now I am just glad I have something to use so I don't have to completely stop what I love...


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2014-02-23 02:04:12

Yup, every one needs a bit of a lead time, you know? And working second shift over the weekend's never 'cool'. Still, I hope you enjoy what time you have off. Good luck finding a new laptop/new best buddy :3


2014-02-26 00:54:32

That sucks. I haven't had access to my laptop for the past month as it was otherwise indisposed. I'm just glad you can keep on keeping on. Your drama voices are amazing