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Entry #3

Finally x.x

2014-05-09 01:08:45 by 11linda

Hello, it has been a while since I made a post (not that many people pay attention anyways!)

I am just making this to say that I have FINALLY gotten a new laptop and a new microphone (Shure sm58)

I am really happy about both of these and hope to be auditioning or looking for my voice over work and looking towards other ways to be creative. One thing I would really like to do is get back to writing... I have several novels and scripts started but eh as someone who cannot draw I can't really do anything with these. I suppose I am just putting this here incase anyone ever wants to collab, although I am mostly looking for voice acting work and will hopefully be putting on more voice demos soonish (maybe)


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2014-05-09 01:35:28

That's some good news i'm stuck with a terrible laptop and no microphone, you are really lucky to have both !
Also here have you fans number 40 because reasons i guess.

11linda responds:

I am sorry to hear that, I hope you can get a new laptop and possibly a microphone soon... my laptop died almost 6 months ago, and I been saving for a new one since before then, so I understand the struggle. Also thanks for following me? Fanning me? I seriously didn't know I have that many people following me, I've only voiced in a few projects so far on here.


2014-05-09 02:52:58

Glad to hear it! Also, you might find this helpful

11linda responds:

I can see how this can be helpful and very entertaining. I personally get a lot of what she is speaking of when who to avoid, happens far to often.


2014-05-10 05:21:57

awesome! What type of laptop?

i'm diggin my new toshiba since it actually can run photoshop now

11linda responds:

I use to have a toshiba, the fan broke a year after having it, and then it just kept over heating until nothing x.x I am hard on laptops... at that time I was working with anime studios and poser 8 which it was not cut out for so yeah... I have an Asus now, and it seems to have better cooling support.


2014-07-13 12:26:47

Hello. :)

11linda responds:

Hello there good sir!


2014-08-11 04:11:51

I know how you feel im a writer, voice actor, and a singer but since I cant draw for spit so most of my stuff sits.

11linda responds:

Yeah, it's alright though, sometimes you get lucky and you become friends with people who can make your ideas I reality, and if not at least I know I can try to lend my hang in helping others come real =)


2014-12-15 18:09:31

In case you haven't noticed, there is a voice acting forum here on NG now:

And don't quit writing if you look for other ways to be creative, as you said above. Is there any of your unpublished work here on NG (writing board...) so I might take a look at it?
Just out of curiosity.